Presta: A Lending Operating System for Your Entire Team

As a commercial lender, we know it can be complicated to keep everyone on the same page. What task happens when? Who is responsible for what section? You might collect applications in one place, but service them in another. When does the loan officer stop and the loan underwriter start? What if someone was out of town and missed an email?

Long story short: Commercial lending is complicated and having one central platform that syncs up your entire team would be a dream. Right?

At Presta, we have worked with hundreds of lenders to turn this complicated process into a seamless workflow that can be tailored to your exact preferences and niches. Every role has its own set of hardships and we wanted to tackle this problem head-on to make sure Presta truly works to make your job not only easier but more effective and enjoyable as well. 

How can your team use Presta?

  1. Unified Platform Experience 

Presta offers a unified platform experience for everyone on your lending team. Whether you're a Loan Officer, Credit Analyst, or Senior Underwriter, you'll have access to the same user-friendly interface and tools. This means a consistent and cohesive experience for all team members, allowing for seamless collaboration and efficient communication. With Presta, everyone can navigate the platform with ease and focus on their specific tasks without any unnecessary complexities.

  1. End-to-End System 

With Presta, you have an end-to-end lending system that covers the entire loan lifecycle. From loan application to approval, documentation, and disbursement, Presta streamlines the entire process in one centralized location. No more jumping between different software or manual processes. Everything you need is integrated into a single platform, ensuring a smooth and comprehensive experience for your lending team. Say goodbye to fragmented systems and embrace the efficiency of an all-in-one solution.

  1. Transparent and Streamlined Workflow

Presta provides a transparent and streamlined workflow for your lending team. You can easily track the progress of each loan application, view the status of required documents, and monitor key milestones in real time. The platform offers automated notifications and alerts, keeping everyone informed and on track. With Presta, you can eliminate bottlenecks, reduce manual errors, and enhance overall operational efficiency. Your team can focus on delivering excellent service to borrowers while Presta takes care of the behind-the-scenes workflow management.

With our focus on this uniform system that is entirely customizable to your lending needs, we know we can help you focus on what matters most; building relationships you care about and best serving the small businesses in your community. 

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