Presta- Quick & Easy Onboarding for Small Business Lenders

Switching to a new lending platform like Presta is a breeze with our expert team by your side, making the transition remarkably easy and stress-free.

Change is never easy, especially when it comes to shifting from long-standing lending process that has built your organization to where it is today. At Presta, we understand the initial hesitations and concerns that arise when thinking such a transition. 

How long will it take? Will we be able to keep our same workflows? Will we have a learn some new complicated system? And the list goes on. Lucky for you we have built Presta with a core focus on making this transition one of the easiest in the entire industry. Below we will outline the short set of steps to get you started in under 3 weeks.

What does the onboarding process look like for you as a lender?

  1. We begin by learning about your workflow and lending goals.
  2. Our Presta team will bring every aspect of your lending process into the platform. 
  3. We will have some training and check in to make sure you love every piece of your new tailor made system.

Done! You can begin receiving loan applications right away.

The Presta team is always around to help!

Our expert team will always be around to answer any questions and help improve your process. This means we will take the lead on transitioning your process over to Presta for you and always be around to support as changes occur within your organization. 

Make changes to your process at anytime with a few clicks.

We have designed Presta, our all-in-one CDFI lending software, to be tailor-made and customizable to your exact workflow. This means you have full control in your hands forever moving forward so the process can evolve as your organization grows. You can keep what works and make updates using any of our other features in the platform like e-signatures on documents, scoring loan applications with rubrics, auto-populating loan contracts, enabling your partners to help borrowers through the loan process right on Presta, and more! This provides you complete freedom and autonomy in making small edits or big changes at any point throughout the evolution of your organization.


Our goal is to make this process as easy as possible for your team, and we are proud to say we can do that with confidence. If you are curious about how you can get up and running with Presta today feel free to book a time to chat! We always love to hear from you and learn how we can help you achieve your goals and building the relationships that matter the the communities you serve.

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