BCIC- Supporting Community Through New Programs

In part two of this interview piece we were able to hear from Victoria Padron at BCIC share a bit more about how BCIC supports borrowers through programs, process, success stories, and more

1. What is one/some of your favorite success stories from your borrowers?

I find inspiration in all our borrowers' success stories. Our clientele spans various industries, including manufacturing, gyms, ice cream parlors, pharmacies, coffee shops,  and even a local “Latina” brand that secured a collaboration with Target. Each business owner has a unique journey, and I've gained valuable insights from them. It brings me great joy that we've played a part in providing the necessary funds for them to launch or grow their ventures.

2. Do you have anything new you are working on that you are excited to share?

We have several exciting projects in the works. This coming fall, we're aiming to attain  CFDI status. Moreover, we're diligently working on forming diverse collaborations to introduce a variety of loan programs that cater to our community's unique requirements. Additionally, we're in the midst of developing a comprehensive technical assistance program that will include valuable Financial Literacy resources. All these endeavors are driven by our commitment to empowering our entrepreneurs.  

3. How has your process evolved over the years to match the needs of your community? 

Since our program's inception in October 2021, we've been dedicated to tailoring our services to meet our community's requirements. To ensure accessibility, we offer our services in both English and Spanish. We've also introduced an online application process and integrated an online payment system for convenient transactions.  Moreover, we've initiated a Success Story feature to highlight businesses that have benefited from the eBridge fund assistance. These success stories are actively promoted on our social media platforms and website to showcase the positive impact we've had on local businesses.

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