From Prospecting to Servicing, Presta’s got you covered
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End-to-End Coverage
Organize your borrower communications all in one location for the whole team to access
Increase borrower retention with easier and faster applications
Your spreadsheets made better with suggested data analysis
Build and sign closing documents on your own without any third parties
When borrowers pay on time, the process of servicing loans is automatic

Free Amortization Table Template

Presta Amortization Table Graphic
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Seamless Borrower Experience
Borrowers access their portal on mobile or desktop
Leverage A Library of Data
Make better and faster decisions with access to comparison data
Seamless Borrower Experience
Leverage A Library of Data
Visualize Your Process from Beginning to End With Workflows
See where your borrowers and teammates are at any time
Visualize your process from beginning to end
Relevant team members get notified when their action is needed
Presta Prioritizes Your Security
Safe Transfers

Know your customer (KYC) Verification

Know your Business (KYB) Verification

Customer Validation

Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Secure Data Transfer

Protected Data

Data Encryption Compliance

Data Storage Compliance

Process loans faster
with Presta

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