Bringing Your Loan Application Process Online: How to Get Started with Presta

At Presta, we understand that time is of the essence when it comes to getting your online lending program up and running. That's why we've streamlined our implementation process to get you set up in as little as two weeks. Here's what you can expect.

Easy to set up, easy to use

At Presta, we’re here to make things easy. The traditional approach to lending can require a lot of documents, back n forth emails, and paper based filing, making it difficult for loan officers or anyone on your team easily get things done.

As the world becomes more digital and connected, it's becoming increasingly important for CDFIs and credit unions to embrace technology and modernize their lending processes. One key way to do this is by bringing loan applications online, making it easier for borrowers to apply and for lenders to process applications efficiently.

Getting Started with Presta

  1. Chat with our team

The first step to getting started with Presta is to book a demo call with one of our experts. During the call, we'll walk you through the platform and answer any questions you may have about how it works and how it can benefit your lending institution.

  1. Input your documents

Once you've had a chance to explore Presta and are ready to move forward, the next step is to input your loan documents into the platform and set up your custom workflow. Our user-friendly interface makes it easy to upload and organize all the necessary documentation, from borrower applications to financial statements and credit reports. The best part? Lenders can use Presta to tailor their lending workflow to their own needs! We put the tools in your hands -- you don't need to call software support to make updates to your lending workflow.

  1. Launch your application

With your loan application form tested and ready to go, it's time to launch it and start accepting applications online. Borrowers will have an application view so they can stay up to date, fill out missing documents, and stay informed through the process. Presta provides a range of tools and features to help you manage your loan pipeline, from tracking applications and approvals to processing disbursements and repayments.

By following these steps, you can quickly and easily get started with Presta and start bringing your loan application online.

What if I’m not good with technology?

No problem!

Whether its any questions, ideas, or specific requests a dedicated customer success manager will work with you throughout the entire implementation process. We’ll help you customize your settings, set up your loan products, and ensure that your lending policies and requirements are reflected in the platform.

With its powerful features, customizable settings, and user-friendly interface, Presta is the ideal solution for CDFIs and credit unions looking to modernize their lending processes and provide access to affordable financial services to underserved communities. We have partnered with organizations like EC-Tech and others to make this transition easier than ever before! It only takes a few meetings to get fully up and running to process new loan applications, and we are there to help through and after the process whenever you need. 

What now?

Don't wait – book your demo call with Presta today and take the first step towards streamlining your lending program and serving your community more effectively.

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